Top rated Gun Safes: Best Value For The Money In 2016

Are you a gun enthusiast? Or do you simply have a gun to keep your family safe? No matter your reason for having a gun, would need a gun safe for protecting your weapon. A gun safe not only protects your gun from getting stolen, but it also protects the lives of people all around you. It is a secure way to keep firearms and even your bullets. It can be very unsafe having your family members live in a home where a gun is not properly held.

Also, if your gun happens to get stolen, it means that it is now in the hands of someone who probably does not have a license to hold such a firearm. This is one reason why it is vital to keep your weapons properly. They are used to prevent access to your gun, and also protect against unauthorized access by people whom your love. Regarding safety, there are some top rated gun safes out in the market today.

No matter what you are looking for, we have the perfect gun safe for you. Our gun safe prices are also very affordable, and we would not provide you information with safes that would make you have to break the bank. A good gun safe is not only a place to keep your weapon, but it can also be used for storing other valuables. A lot of people keep cash and jewelry in their gun safes. The best gun safe should also be fireproof and waterproof.

About the Federal gun safe laws

The increased access to firearms around the world means that there has been clamoring for improved laws as regards to the safe keeping of firearms. In the United States, there is a number of legislation that requires gun owners to possess a safe to keep their firearms. The government passed a law in October 2005 that was in line with the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and the President at the time signed the bill into legislation.

This law stated that it was illegal for manufacturers or importers to transfer or sell firearms to people unless the individual receiving such a firearm has a secure gun storage system. This can be substituted with a safety device. While there are some exceptions to the law and other loopholes, it still served as a good step towards gun protection in the country. Some of these exceptions include the transfer of these firearms to law enforcement agents. It also does not apply to people that are selling these firearms privately.

This law means that anyone who is a legal owner of a gun, and has the rightful ownership of a gun safe is not liable to be sued under the “qualified civil liability action.”. This is one reason why it is very essential for a gun owner to purchase a safe for your weapon. This law means that anyone that is acting in accordance cannot serve a jail term because the possession of the firearm was in line with the requirements set by the country.

Concerning standards for gun safes and locks, there are no federal standards. However, it is often encouraged that any firearm that is purchased must come with a top quality gun safe. This will ensure that the people around the home are not going to get into terrible situations. In December 2012, President Obama also made a statement, that there is the need to ensure that gun safes are also working efficiently. It is not enough to just buy a gun safe, but you need to buy one that is capable of performing the functions for which it was purchased. There are a number of parameters to follow if you want to purchase a gun safe that is in line with federal laws.

You also have to ensure that the safe you are buying is one of the best so that the people around you do not get into peril.

About State Gun Safe Laws

There are eleven states in the US currently that have laws with regards to how people lock their firearms. It is important to get locking devices because it just may be an offense to possess a firearm without a proper safe to keep it in. The State of Massachusetts is one that requires every individual that owns a gun to lock them in a safe.

There are however some other states like California and New York that require a gun be kept in a safe under certain conditions. This means that you could face jail time if you own a gun without having an ideal place to put it. In most cases, the State gun laws are similar to that of the federal. They require guns be kept in a safe whether the weapon was sold or its ownership was transferred. There are even five out of the eleven states that have standards to the design of the gun safe that you have in your home. This means that you can’t just buy any safe that you feel like.

The state of Massachusetts is the only one in the US that requires every gun owner should keep weapons in an appropriate safe. This is probably down to the increased number of gun related crimes that have occurred in the region in recent times. The safe must also be tamper resistant, and there must be a mechanical lock on the device that prevents people from accessing it. These weapons should also have a trigger lock or some other kind of safety that prevents people from just accessing the weapon if they are unauthorized.

Some other states like California and Connecticut have similar laws, but they are not exactly identical. These states require that all guns must have safes if you are living with someone that is prohibited. For example, a convicted felon, or an individual with mental health, or a domestic abuser. People with these records usually require a heightened form of safety measures. New York also requires that you cannot transfer the ownership of a weapon from one person to another if the transferee does not have a gun safe. The type of the gun does not matter, so whether it is a handgun or much larger like a rifle, you still need to have a certified gun safe. These measures are taken to ensure greater safety.

Top 5 things that are recommended before you buy a gun safe

Know the size of the safe

One of the things that are recommended before you buy a gun safe is that you know the exact size that you should purchase. It is not rocket science to know that not all gun safes are the same size. In most cases, it is advised to go for a gun safe that is much larger than the size that you think you need. A lot of customers complain that their gun safe is not big enough to contain the firearm and it’s supporting features like bullets. Also, in most cases, a gun safe is not just used to keep a gun. People use gun safes to keep all sorts of jewellery, cash, and even important document. This means that if you know the gun safe that you want to buy, always ensure you go for one that is a step higher, except if the weapon comes with its own customized safe.

Know that all safes are different

Another thing that you must know is that not all safes are created the same way. Perhaps your friend showed you his gun safe and raved about one or two features that it had. You cannot just assume that the gun safe that you buy would have the same features. Nowadays, these safes have different sizes and styles.

A lot of them are also built for various kinds of functionality. Everything, even down to the material that is used in the production of the weapons are created uniquely. You should buy a gun safe that is made from a top quality material, and not one that a simple hammer can do manage to it. The construction of the door to the gun safe is also paramount. The handle should not be one that can just be easily breached by just about anybody. Be sure about the gun safe that you are planning on buying before you pay for it.

Know the state regulations

You must also know the state laws before you buy a gun safe. There are some states that you may live in where it is an offense to own a weapon without the purchase of a secure safe to put it in. This can lead to you going to jail. In a state like Connecticut, you could go to jail if your gun safe is not up to the specified requirements. You cannot just buy a gun safe that just about anyone can pick through.

You must ensure that you get the gun safe that is in line with the regulations of the state that you are living in. There are a lot of top rated gun safes out there that would allow you be within the rules that would be needed. Whether you are looking for the best gun cabinet, you can search through our personal gun safe reviews for information on the features of the weapon safe you are buying.

Understand the safety features

You also need to understand the true meaning of a fireproof sale. If a safe is advertised as fireproof, it doesn’t exactly mean that it would save you from theft. Fireproof safes simply imply that it would protect your weapon in the case of a fire. A lot of customers buy fireproof safes thinking that it is, in fact, theft proof. If you are looking for the best affordable gun safe, you need to find one that will protect the weapon from being burglarized.

Theft of weapons is one of the reasons why criminals have access to firearms. In some cases, fire proof safes are even easier to steal from. This is because they use a thin metal that allows it not to catch fire, but thieves would find it simpler to take your weapons from such. You, therefore, need to fully understand the safe that you are buying before you pay for it.

Keep away from everyone

The fact that you have a safe does not mean that you should keep it where everyone can see. Some gun owners would maintain the gun safe in the garage, and the rest of the family can easily have access to it. Kids and teenagers pay more attention than you would think. You may feel that your weapon is in a safe, so there is no need to hide it still. This should not be the case.

You must still protect your gun safe when keeping it in your house. This should be done so that your kids do not play around when no one is at home, or when they are with their friends. A gun safe should possibly be kept in a room that only you has access to. For example, your bedroom closet is a good place to keep your weapon safe. It should be located out of the line of vision of anyone that opens your closet door.


The main reasons why you need to purchase a gun safe is because of legal purposes, children, and even theft. Since there are a lot of states that prohibit the ownership of weapons without appropriate safes, you must have a gun safe. If you are looking to buy the best gun safe for the money, you must ensure that it is still in line with state regulations.

The best-rated gun safes have the necessary safety features that you would need. You can get the best value gun safe for your home that will protect against easy access to your weapon.

Our personal gun safe reviews have the necessary information that you would require before buying a safe. Keeping your firearm out of the reach of children is another reason why you should buy a safe. Children are a lot smarter than you think, so it is important always to be wary of these things around them.

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