GunVault MV1000 Gun Safe Review

Gun Vault has become famous for creating gun safes that completely suit the needs of the user. The best gun safes are those that are simple and easy to use, but very hard to break into. This strange mix is hardly ever gotten by some safe manufacturers. Some gun safes are easy to cut into simply because they are not strong enough, while some others are too complex for even the user to open because they are simply over complicated.

This is not the case with the GunVault MV1000. With this piece, you get unmatched efficiency and a lot of features that comes with this simple device. This notebook type gun safe allows you to take your handgun from place to place and also allows you to safeguard your valuables. It is very lightweight and compact and can fit easily into your briefcase. The MV1000 is one of the best GunVault safes that have ever been made.

GunVault MV1000 review

GunVault MV1000 Review
  • 80%
    Safety - 80%
  • 95%
    Quick Access - 95%
  • 98%
    Mobility - 98%
  • 80%
    Multi Purpose - 80%


The GunValut MV1000 is rather old, but it’s still safe to use and it still does it’s job perfectly. The keyless pad fails to open sometimes so you need to be careful about that ones if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to access your gun fast.
It’s pretty safe to carry it with you in your backpack or store it in the car.
It’s pretty easy to break into it, so you need to keep that in mind.

Features of the GunVault MV1000

  • Advanced access system: This gun safe gives you lightning quick access to your firearm and other valuables with its unique button press system. This is not like any biometric system that will give you errors, the simple button press of this gun safe allows you to access your gun in just a matter of seconds. They keypad is located in a convenient area of the safe that allows you to reach for it and press your combination quickly. It comes with a ‘No eyes’ technology that is unique to the GunVault brand. This allows you to access the safe easily even at night when there is limited lighting.
  • Solid construction: The first thing you want your gun safe to have is strength, and this unit gives you just that. The building of this gun safe was designed so that it is impossible for anyone other than the user to have access to this gun safe. It is made from 18 gauge steel construction, which is one of the toughest portable safes that you will find on the market. The lock mechanism of this unit is also high strength and will never disappoint you because it works every single time. Also, the interior of this gun safe is lined with foam so that your weapon and other valuables are kept safely and do not get scratched easily.
  • Tough security: The gun safe should be able to perform the functions for which you bought it. This GunVault MV1000 has a security system that is impossible for any intruder to access. The fittings of this gun safe are so precise that it is entirely impossible for someone to open using the hand tool. There is also a built-in computer system that can block the access of an individual after they have tried the codes severally without getting it correctly.
  • Additional Security: The high strength of this gun safe cannot be over emphasized. It comes with a strong steel security cable that is very useful for firearm owners. It can fit into your briefcase or can be kept in your vehicle, which ensures that you are safe all the time. It comes with a backup override key system that allows you to unlock the device even if you have forgotten your codes. The security cable allows you to secure the safe to an unmovable object, ensuring that a burglar does not carry the safe altogether. This gun safe is also approved by the California DOJ.

GunVault MV1000 gun safe-review inside view


  • The benefits of using this gun safe cannot be over emphasized. The safety that this unit brings ensures that your family is not harmed even when there is a gun in the house. The 18 gauge steel is one of the toughest on the market currently, but this ensures that the safe is not easily broken into.
  • The robust security cable that allows you to link the unit to an unmovable object is also very handy. This is because it allows you to connect the safe to an unmovable object. A lot of times when a burglar notices he can’t break into a safe, he will try to carry the safe altogether. However, with this security cable, you can be sure that the gun safe isn’t going anywhere.
  • The interior foam lining of this gun safe is excellent. It helps to protect your weapon against scratches that may occur when the unit is placed in the safe. It is also very useful if you keep other items inside your safe.
  • We also like the notebook type style of this gun safe. It also comes with pouches where you can keep your documents and other valuables. This was quite thoughtful from the manufactures because most gun safes do not have side compartments.



  • The price of this gun safe may be a deterrent. It isn’t exactly the cheapest on the market. However, if you consider the features that it has, it can’t be. It is constructed of 18 gauge steel, so you know you are buying quality.
  • This gun safe is not exactly the quietest when you are opening and closing. The sound of the clasp can reverberate through the room if everywhere is completely silent. This shouldn’t deter you from buying this fantastic product, though.


In all, the MV1000 is a very innovative unit from Gun Vault. If you are not exactly enthusiastic about owning a biometric gun safe, then this is a good option for you. It is one of the best gun safes on the market that makes use of a digital locking system. The “No Eyes” keypad is a patented technology and allows the user to input the access code without even having to look at the unit.

This is also a gun safe that takes care of your weapon and other valuables, as shown by its interior foam lining. It also has several compartments that you can store your documents and jewelry. It is tough and resilient, and even the strongest power tools would find it hard to break into this safe. In all, this is gun safe that you should be considering buying.  

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