RFID Biometric Gun Box – The Gun Box Review

There are very few gun safes on the market that are as modern and technologically adept as this. The sleek design is sure to attract any potential buyer, and its biometric functionality further highlights the modern feel of this gun safe. Apart from it being sophisticated, this gun safe brings a lot of features to the user. This gun safe is very small and portable, and is the perfect safe for keeping your firearms if you do not want your kids or any other member of your family having access to it.

You should not let its small frame fool you though, because it is strong enough to hold any duty sized firearm. The technology that The Gun Box uses is way beyond its competitors on the market, and it also brings a little bit of versatility to the table. It gives the user a tremendous amount of value for its price.


The Gun Box Review
  • 97%
    Safety - 97%
  • 95%
    Quick Access - 95%
  • 90%
    Mobility - 90%
  • 95%
    Multi Purpose - 95%


The fact that you can take the gun box out with you si both good and bad.
Bad because you cannot safely store any valuable things in it and leave it home, but we are talking about guns here, that’s why we marked it as 90 on our mobility test.
Good, well, you can use this one on the road in your backpack, in your car and home, no need for multiple gun safes. Locking it using the Kensington lock and you are set!

Overall, one of the best mobile gun safes out there, employing multiple layers of tech on top of a well-built aluminum chassis makes it both light and stong.
Having two ways to unlock it is just the cherry on top!

Features of the GunBox RFID Biometric gun safe

  • RFID Technology: If you are looking for an RFID Biometric Gun box that you can use to safeguard your weapon in the home, then this is the best unit for you. The system will open up by responding to your RFID chip. This chip is contained in your Gun Box wristband. It is a personalized gun safe, ensuring that not just anyone can have access to your weapon. All you need to open your gun safe is to wave your hand in front of the device and it will pop open immediately.
  • Charging: In terms of power consumption, this gun safe is a very good choice. It comes with 2 additional USB ports that will allow you to charge other devices or even connecting some accessories to the unit. The battery also has a backup and lasts for a long time compared to other devices. The biometric technology of the safe requires that some form of power is always on in the device, but this is not much in terms of energy requirement. If you are looking for a gun safe that will prevent burglars from stealing your firearm, then this weapon is the best for you.
  • Motion sensors: This gun safe also comes with motion sensors that can detect whether or not someone is trying to move your gun safe. This is very good because most burglars will try to move the safe if they are unable to open it on the spot. Also, it is a good way to detect if your kids are tampering with the safe. Since kids are likely to be mischievous, this will help you to know if they have found out where you hid your safe. You can therefore, move your safe if your kids have figured it out.
  • Strength and Durability: One of the best features of this gun safe is the strength of the unit. It has an aluminum alloy shell that can withstand a lot of pressure. It also comes with holes for mounting, allowing you to easily install the gun safe anywhere in our home. This can also be used as an in car gun safe, giving you multiple functionalities. It has Kensington lock ports that are known for their strength and resilience. This RFID Biometric Gun Box brings a lot to your home in not just functionality, but also durability and can last for many years without getting damaged.



  • One of the biggest advantages that comes with this unit is that the RFID technology allows you to easily open the gun safe. The Gun Box comes with technology that will allow you to open the safe simply by waving your hands over the box. If you are not using the bracelet, you can also make use of the biometric scanner.
  • The gun safe also has illumination technology that will allow you to see your firearm even in the dark. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to open your gun safe in the case of an emergency at night.
  • This gun safe also has a beep sound that can be turned off. The beep sound is to indicate when the biometric scanner has successfully scanned your fingerprint. It can be switched off to increase safety.
  • In terms of durability, there are not many safes that come close to this. It brings a good value for your money.


  • Our gun safe reviews do not only feature the good parts of using some gun safes, we also feature some of the downsides of using these devices. This is not to deter you from buying, but to give you full information on a product before you make a purchase. This gun safe is not waterproof or fireproof, so it will not defend your firearm or valuables in the case of an emergency. These days, a lot of users are going for fireproof safes, but if you are looking for a small and portable unit, then this is the best choice for you.
  • In the event that you are not with your RFID bracelet, it can be a little bit uneasy to open. Since even the best biometric gun safes are prone to errors (if your hands are wet or oily).


The Gun Box review has all the information that you need before making a purchase. The RFID technology makes it easy for you to open the gun safe by simply waving your bracelet over the unit. It is tough and resilient, allowing you to use the gun safe for many years without experiencing any form of damage.

It also comes with a warranty, putting to rest all fears of premature damage. While this gun safe is not ideal for large firearms, it is the best if you want to keep a pistol or a small handgun. It can also serve as an in car gun safe, helping you to always be defended at all times.

This gun safe is ideal if you are looking for good value on your money. Biometric technology is one of the most common out on the market today, and this is an affordable form of this device.

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